Bulgarian Environmental Partnership Foundation


BEPF was established in 2003 as the Bulgarian member of the Environmental Partnership Association. We are working to educate and promote active citizen participation, sustainable development, nature and climate-friendly policies and lifestyles and transparent and good governance. The Foundation is a member of the "For the Nature" Coalition and of the Climate Coalition. BEPF has experience in advocacy work aimed at improving local ordinances on citizen participation, establishing better procedures for informing and involving citizens in public discussions of local issues, as well as in education and active engagement of young people.

BEPF joined the Reclaim our Civil Space project as we believe that it is critical to build strong local communities of active civic groups and to ensure that the civic voice has sufficient channels to speak up and reach out to other supporters. Within the project BEPF is responsible for organizing project activities in Bulgaria. We focus on and reach out to the young generation of civil society activists. Our role is to provide civic actors with consultation, capacity- and network building and to encourage them to take action. The lessons we learn in Bulgaria will help us developing together the outlines of a comprehensive European civil society policy.