Polish NGO activists facing issues of global education and human rights


On October 15, the 2nd Meeting of the Partnership Academy will be held, entitled: "Polish NGO activist facing issues of global education and human rights". Our special guest will be Bjørn Engesland from the Norwegian Helsinki Committee. Participants can also watch the documentary "Last Generation" that was released in September 2021. 

Partnership Academy - 1st Training and Convention


The Partnership Academy is aimed at local leaders and activists working for the benefit of communities related to the
non-governmental sector. Participants will gain knowledge and competences using unconventional tools, new methods of
local activities that build bonds and responsibility for the common good.

"How to be active citizens?" - webinar (Bulgaria)


How to be an active in building and develop better societies? How to keep our effectiveness long-term without becoming disheartened? We will talk about and get to know through diverse excercises the nature of leadership, negotiation, public discussion and power.

Register here until 20. May 2021: (event language: Bulgarian)

UPDATE: Recordings of the webinar are available here:

What is a green urban system and why do we need it? - webinar (Bulgaria)


Duration: 18–19:30 EEST (17-18.30 CEST), language: Bulgarian

BEPF starts its series of webinars on tree care with an introductory lecture on the green urban system – Why do we need it? What is its purpose? What are the requirements for its planning, construction and maintenance? And what is the role of citizens in ensuring its proper governance?