About us

We aim at addressing the trends of democratic backsliding and shrinking civil space observed for the past years particularly in Central and Southeastern Europe.

We came together because we believe in our work and in the power of civil society to build healthier societies from the bottom up. Our organizations are from different countries with different backgrounds, but the challenges we face and the changes we strive for in this region bind us together. This project is our common effort to improve the quality of our democracies through strengthening civil society actors in Central and Southeastern Europe.

Our vision is a thriving civil space in a democratic and enabling environment, where people take action, get organized and advocate for their interests together freely, without fear or restrictions.

We believe in a society where everybody is capable of improving their own life and environment and is provided with the opportunity to live up to their potential. 

Our main objectives are:

  • broadening the grassroots basis and constituency of civil society
  • mapping, training and mobilizing activist groups and movements 
  • linking this local level to the regional and the European
  • developing together the outlines of a comprehensive European civil society policy

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