"Urban Areas as Space for Implementation of Sustainable Policies" - crossborder event

urban tree care

Our next crossborder event is the international conference "Urban Areas as Space for Implementation of Sustainable Policies". It will take place in the City ot Plovdiv, Bulgaria on 28-29 November and is hosted by the our Bulgarian partner - the Bulgarian Environmental Partnership Foundation.

The objective of the Conference is to bring together representatives of civil organisations and groups, local authorities and experts interested in:

  • management and planning of the urban environment, based on the principles of sustainable development;
  • active and informed inclusion of citizens in all stages of planning and implementation of urban development policies.

The emphasis of the conference will be on the preservation and creation of green areas, protection of trees in urban environment, transparent and open interaction with citizens in the processes of designing and implementing long-term policies for the spatial development of cities, including in relation to the challenges caused by climate change.

The conference will be take place on 28-29 Nov 2022

November 28, 2022

A major emphasis in expert presentations and subsequent discussion will be on approaches to planning, maintaining and protecting vegetation in an urban environment. Good practices from the Czech Republic on care for tree vegetation in parks and along the street network in Brno will be shared.

November 29, 2022

The main focus will be on the patterns of communication and involvement of citizens, civil organisations and groups, opportunities to interact and work with young people, potential for changing the models of dialogue and participation at the local level, which would lead to a qualitative change both in the planning process, as well as in the process of city management. A mixed format of presentations and discussions, as well as group work, is foreseen, with the possibility of including and presenting a variety of topics and questions, opinions and ideas.

There will be an opportunity to share experiences, discuss problems, look for solutions and areas for improvement. The aim will be to contribute to a constructive change in the interaction processes between citizens-local authorities-experts, which will contribute to a more favorable, healthy and sustainably planned and managed urban environment.

The international participation in the conference includes representatives of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Norway.