"How to be active citizens?" - webinar recording (in Bulgarian)


Watch our excerpts of the 3-day webinar "How to be active citizens?" (in Bulgarian)! It helps you to understand and to learn about social issues: How to be active and how to build and develop better societies? How to keep our effectiveness long-term without becoming disheartened? The training is aimed at representatives of CSOs, community groups, movements and activists who are dedicated to their cause and are trying to contribute to the well-being of our society and environment.

It concerns the nature of leadership, negotiation, public discussion and power. Furthermore, it offers a model for organizing civil actions and techniques for encouraging active and confident citizens to participate, build trust, take responsibility and unite people.

Sign up for future events or get in touch with us so we can organize such an event for members or supporters of your CSO (online or live)! Do not hesitate to contact us (our Bulgarian partner: BEPF) at consult@bepf-bg.org.

More about the training: https://civilspace.eu/en/how-to-be-active-citizens-webinar-bulgaria 

Contact: Bulgarian Environmental Partnership Foundation, office@bepf-bg.org