Protected Areas and Biodiversity - crossborder meeting summary

protected areas and biodiversity

What role conservation NGOs play in protecting the natural heritage?

On April 26th and 27th, our partner, the Romanian Environmental Partnership Foundation organized a two-day international workshop as part of the Reclaim Our Civil Space project with 35 participants from Romania, Hungary, and Poland. The main objective of the workshop was to analyze and discuss the growing challenges and threats to protected areas and biodiversity conservation in some of the countries of the CEE region, with a particular focus on the role of conservation-oriented NGOs in addressing these issues. Additionally, the workshop aimed to enhance the advocacy, watchdog, communication, and outreach capacities of the organizations working in this field.

The first day of the workshop featured seven individual presentations and a team presentation by eight people on the aforementioned topics, as well as on ecotourism as a tool for sustainable livelihoods around protected areas. On the second day, participants engaged in an exercise focused on improving their communication and outreach capacities, as well as strategies for enhancing the public image of their respective organizations.

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