Starter Pack - First vote (online)

starter pack - first vote
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Starter Pack - First vote

May 25. Thursday - 6 p.m. CET / 7 p.m. EET (Mind the time zone!)

This event is part of a series of youth workshops. More info here


Are you ready to vote for the first time? Let’s prepare ourselves for it! This session will be a conversation about what you’d expect from your ideal leader and how to prepare yourself before going to vote at an election.

We invite young people reaching voting age to come and share their thoughts on the expected profile of candidates in their communities, motivation to go to vote and managing the anticipation about election results.

"Pretty serious stuff but we promise to approach them in a funny and relaxed way!"

The workshop will be facilitated by Antonia Pup – she is currently the advocacy coordinator at Romanian Academic Society and a history student, former President of the Students’ National Council in Romania. In this capacity, she was involved in several campaigns in a leading role aimed at improving the access of students to education (free travel on national public transport for all students or equal access to online education guaranteed during the Covid 19 pandemic).

Participation is open for young people reaching voting age (16+)

Register here Deadline: 22 May 2023