Hungarian Civil Liberties Union


Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (TASZ) is a human rights NGO. Since our foundation in 1994, we have been working for everybody being informed about their fundamental human rights and empowered to enforce them against the undue interference by those in position of public power. HCLU works on raising the citizens’ awareness of their rights, supporting active citizenship. Furthermore, HCLU provides legal aid to informal groups, CSOs and other activists if they face repercussions in relation to their advocacy activities. Co-operation with social movements and activist groups is an important source of information for our strategic planning process and the needs of these groups play a crucial role in designing our activities.

In addition, HCLU’s communication team holds trainings for other CSOs, HCLU lawyers and colleagues. These trainings focus on communication techniques in general and specifically on public speaking, crisis communication and communication in the press. HCLU is proficient in organising trainings about patient’s rights and rights of people with disabilities. The trainings reach active citizens, representatives of CSOs, professionals, social workers, teachers, doctors, groups of parents, etc. 

The Reclaim Our Civil Space project makes it possible for us to reach out to a wider audience with our trainings. In the project HCLU holds various workshops for CSOs and other CSOs around Hungary. HCLU also provides training modules for all partners that can be used in their own trainings. The modules are variable, thus, making it easier to tailor the workshops to the needs of participants.