Civic Startups

csdf civic startups

We are excited to launch today the second edition of the Civic Startups program - mentoring for groups of citizens and young, ambitious NGOs!

In the next 9 months we will be with at least 20 organizations that want to go through a continuous process of organizational consolidation.

How we work:

  • We will organize more than 6 course modules during 9 months in which we will address elements relevant to the community action needs of your group / organization, within the limits of the program topics: organizational development, project design, fundraising, financial management, legal assistance, communication, community organization and initiation into advocacy.
  • Support through monthly group sessions on topics relevant to your needs, in which we bring experts to answer your questions;
  • Personalized monthly assistance according to your specific needs related to the topics of the program.

More information in Romanian about Civic Startups can be found here: