Vivid rural areas: How to strengthen local communities and public space


In most European countries, rural areas are facing a demographic shift. What is the cause? What is the role of civil society in rural areas? What can we learn from rural communities? What are their challenges and what would help them flourish? Who are the key actors to bring the change?

Regional Cross-border Seminar for active people and CSO organizations.
Date: 18. - 20. 3. 2022
Location: Veronica eco center, Hostětín, Czech Republic
Language: English



We will speak about the demographic trends, talk to a local mayor and active people and entrepreneurs from the region, discuss and share experience, search for answers and tips for your own practice, connect and maybe even create a cross-border project. 


The seminar will take place in Hostetin, a small village with 220 inhabitants. Since the 1990s, a number of environmental projects have been implemented: municipal biomass heating plant, cider house with organic production, root water treatment plant, solar panels, eco-center organizing accommodation, workshops and seminars. During the years, Hostetin has been attracting people who are interested in the environment and sustainable lifestyle. In 2010, Prince Charles visited the municipality. Together with the revival of Hostětín, the whole region is being revived.

Covid info

The participants are required to follow current covid restrictions. People who are not citizens or residents of the Czech Republic must undergo an RT-PCR test no more than 72 hours prior to travel.


If you are interested, you can register via this Google Form:

After the registration, the organizer will contact you via e-mail and confirm your registration.


Distance and travel time (by car)

Budapest - Hostetin: 348 km, duration 3:21

Kraków - Hostetin: 333 km, duration 3:33

Bratislava - Hostetin: 150 km, duration 1:45

Accomodation, catering and program costs will be covered from the grant. There is no participant fee.

Travel costs will be reimbursed according to the actual cost of the trip (bus or plane ticket, car mileage). The reimbursement limit per participant is 200 Euros.

hostetin seminar