Webinar “Pruning of decorative trees and shrubs in urban areas”

BGwebinar #3

We continue the series of trainings dedicated to tree care in city areas. In the previous two events we talked about a green urban system and tree planting, and now we will look at the topic of pruning trees and shrubs.

We will go through schemes illustrating the correct methods of shaping the crowns, the appropriate cutting techniques and tools, the time of year when this care has to be performed, how to distinguish right from wrong practices in order to signal the authorities.

Join the webinar “Pruning of decorative trees and shrubs in urban areas“ on February 23, 2022 at 6 pm to learn:

  • General rules for pruning.
  • The right time to prune.
  • The different types of pruning.
  • What are the right techniques.
  • What citizens can do to influence the improvment of the existing municipal practices.

Language of the webinar: Bulgarian

Lecturers will be LA Stanimir Shalamanov and LA Nevena Tsvetkova who have many years of experience in the field of landscape architecture, public discussions and preparation of statements regarding the urban environment in the city of Plovdiv. Currently they are part of BEPF’s team which provides free consultations and advice to CSOs and citizens on the topics: green system and selection of species, urban environment, planting, maintenance and pruning of trees and shrubs, sustainable urban planning.

Sign up by February 22, 2022 in the form. Zoom link will be sent via e-mail to the registered participants. A record of the webinar will be available on the resource spot on the BEPF’s website.

Contact: Bulgarian Environmental Partnership Foundation, office@bepf-bg.org