There is no freedom without active citizens in Hungary - videoreport about the grassroots "Eleven Közösségek"


People who live in the local community must also take action to bring change to a settlement - says Krisztina Jakab Jakab, community organiser of Eleven Gyál. Our project partner, the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (TASZ), has been providing legal support to the "Eleven Gyál" group for years: not only have they helped them with the OLAF case, which has become known across Europe, but they have also advised them on other important local issues. The results of Eleven Gyál were an inspiration to the people of Vecsés, and Eleven Vecsés was soon formed. The Eleven Communities are now working together to fight for clean drinking water in and around the two municipalities, and they want to expand their movement across the country. If you want to do something for your community and need help, contact TASZ!