The Code of Friendly Events


Thanks to Fundusz Parnerstwa for putting together the Code of Friendly Events! We hope that this short list guides you and your CSO through any event you are planning to organize!

  1. We plan to come to the trainings/meetings/conferences by collective transport or in the form of carpooling.
  2. We limit the number of printed materials. We collect information mainly in digital form on an online disk / cloud.
  3. We use reusable packaging and dishes – especially for water and drinks.
  4. We provide vegetarian and vegan meals.
  5. We limit the number of unnecessary gadgets.
  6. We segregate garbage.
  7. We involve local partners in the program and its planning.
  8. We start on time and follow the schedule and timing of the program.
  9. We use local services and products wherever possible.