Strategic Partnership for Building a Democratic Society in Europe - summary report

Prague conference

The conference aimed to expand awareness about how the involvement of non-governmental non-profit organizations, in cooperation with the state administration, contributes to effective governance.

It was organized by our project’s Czech partner Nadace Partnerství, and Czech NGOs Glopolis and Spiralis in cooperation with the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic,

Today, the non-profit sector is united under many umbrella organizations, networks and cooperation platforms. In addition to responding effectively to current social challenges, CSOs also contribute to public administration in many areas with their expertise, which is irreplaceable. Some of them, therefore, naturally devote themselves to actively influencing the conditions of the work of CSOs and want to be partners with the state in caring for a strong society and a resilient democracy. Representatives of such CSOs were guests and speakers at this conference.

In this summary report, the organizers deliberately focus on positive cases and questions that will help us move forward. At the same time, we want to present examples of the usefulness and meaning of cooperation to those who are afraid of it, often for practical reasons.

Download the full report here: