Re-vision of the future


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Lecture with discussion: Re-vision of the future. From the great uncertainties of tomorrow to everyday community work.  Andrea Průchová Hrůzová Ph.D., pedagogue at Charles University and Scholastica, researcher at the Czech Academy of Sciences - Institute for Contemporary History, founder and dramaturg of the Fresh Eye project.

Presentation of the activation program re-Generator and the Josef Vavroušek Environmental Awards  Lucie Smolková, Re-Generator Program Coordinator, Partnership Foundation, Climate Activist, Youth Representative at the 2019 UN Climate Summit in New York

Practical workshop: My role in the system of change. Mapping of challenges, common needs and possible steps of cooperation  Ondráš Přibyla, founder of the project, holder of the UN 2020 Global Climate Change Communication Award, facilitator of strategic planning and conflict mediator. Formerly a theoretical physicist.