Partnership Academy - 1st Training and Convention

partnership academy

Important elements of the Partnership Academy are:
Interactivity, exchange of experiences and good practices, organization of conventions in various places and contexts in
Poland, access to knowledge developed by an international team from Central Europe and Norway.

What is the idea behind the project?
The concept of the Academy is based on the multidimensional meaning of the word PARTNERSHIP in the space of civic
activities. PARTNERSHIP is cooperation, building bonds between people and generations. Empathy towards another person,
their views and priorities. PARTNERSHIP is also awareness of the surroundings and the local community in all its diversity. It
is sensitivity and respect for man and nature. By introducing changes for the better around us, we change the whole world in
small steps. Today we need a new approach and vision of a world where human well-being is achieved with respect for the
environment and human rights.

Language of the event: Polish