In the defence of European civil society: Conference for a thriving civic space!

conference for a thriving civic space

Equality, freedom, solidarity: the building blocks of modern democracy. A strong civil society can defend these values, yet we often fail to recognise the importance of everyday civic initiatives

This is why civil society needs recognition and a comprehensive strategy at the European level. This is the aim of the Reclaim Our Civil Space!, an initiative of Central-European CSOs led by Ökotárs - Hungarian Environmental Partnership Foundation. The issue was in focus of our international conference in early June:

  • Why is a European civil society strategy essential?
  • What are the core principles that should form the basis of the strategy?
  • What similar EU initiatives have been launched in recent years?
  • How can we work on this and build up civic synergies? How can local civil society organisations get involved?

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The results of the two days will be shared with EU policy makers soon. The future strategy needs to

  • recognise the systemic role of civil society
  • provide resources for civil society organisations
  • and include guarantees for the free, autonomous and independent functioning of CSOs.

This is the only way to build a diverse and thriving civil society across Europe!

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