Strategic Partnerships of Public Administration and NGOs in Building a Democratic Society in Europe - Prague Conference

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Democracy is being threatened by an increasingly explosive combination of crises that, with the war in Ukraine, are multiplying the impact on people in the Czech Republic, Europe and its neighbourhood - migration, climate change and drought, the covid 19 pandemic, rising energy and food prices. A vibrant civil society is a pillar of democracy, enabling citizens to participate in public affairs, strengthening social cohesion, contributing to community building and creating a common identity.

SAVE THE DATE: 17-18. October 2022 / Prague, Czecz Republic

Partnership Academy - 4th Training and Convention


4th Training and Convention of the Partnership Academy will be held in Wrocław. The main topic of the event is: Modern local development: what should contemporary organizations do? part II. Cultural heritage, cultural animation, heritage interpretation, organizing community-based events"

Civic Startups


We are excited to launch today the second edition of the Civic Startups program - mentoring for groups of citizens and young, ambitious NGOs!

Let's not wait for the central, let's create locally!


The aim of the event is to mobilize civil society, namely cultural and community centers, as bearers of democratic values ​​in the regions and to contribute to the discussion about the state and ways of developing civil society in the regions of Slovakia.