Electoral rights workshop in Debrecen

tasz debrecen

Do you want to be actively involved in the parliamentary election process or just want to get a better overview?

Our Election Law Workshop aims to help

  • participants to understand the basics of the electoral system,
  • understand their rights and obligations in relation to elections,
  • be aware of the legal remedies available to them.

Participants will also be helped to find out what tools and how to use in the electoral process, depending on their own objectives.
Among other things, you can find out how votes are counted, what electoral bodies act in case of infringements or how to vote away from home, or if you are disabled. We will also provide useful information for those who want to work as a member of a ballot counting committee or as an activist to ensure fair elections.

The workshops are interactive, so you can ask questions and we will discuss specific cases.
The sessions are run by the staff from TASZ's Political Freedom Project, who, in addition to electoral law, also deal with questions on freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and freedom of information, so they can answer these too.

The workshop is free to attend but registration is required.
Language of the workshop is Hungarian.
To register, click here: https://forms.gle/Tm8VQ4CZfXYj5fBr8
Registration deadline: midnight on 8 March 2022
23, Budapesti krt., 6723 Szeged, Hungary.

Malter Közösségi Ház - 16., Baross Gábor u., 4029 Debrecen, Hungary

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/705812967249123/