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Free consultations for all in Bulgaria: Have you noticed a problem in the place you live? Do you see actions that destroy the environment? Do you want to make a statement, or to submit a complaint or a request to an institution but you do not know how to do it or to whom it should be addressed? Do you want to get involved in a public discussion or civic initiative but you are not sure how to? Are you looking for other active people, groups and organizations to connect with and unite your efforts for the well-being of our society and nature? Do you need any kind of advice, mentoring or support for developing the work and activities of your CSO?

BEPF team offers free consultations for all who are searching how to improve the civil environment in Bulgaria: associations, foundations, initiative groups, informal movements, youth organisations, active citizens.

Take advantage of the experience and knowledge of our experts on the following topics:

  • civil participation and success in civic initiatives;
  • interaction with institutions;
  • local environmental problems;
  • organizing campaigns;
  • urban environment;
  • sustainable spatial planning;
  • green system;
  • planting, care and pruning of trees and shrubs.

Contact us via e-mail or by filling out this form. Briefly describe the case for which you want to receive guidance, leave your name and telephone number. Depending on the complexity and character of the inquiry, we will contact you as soon as possible. In case the number, scope and/or thematic area of the received requests exceed our capacity we will inform you about our inability to help and will try to refer you to other experts.

BEPF team will observes confidentiality regarding your personal data and the cases discussed, unless you explicitly state that you are agree to share your case as an example and inspiration for other active citizens, groups and organizations.